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Welcome to Pinky's Westside Grill ™

Pinky’s Westside Grill™ would like to thank Guy Fieri and the Food Network for featuring our restaurant on Diners,Drive-Ins and Dives. Chef Greg Auten was the first person to appear on Diners,Drive-Ins and Dives for 2 different restaurants, first being Season 1, Episode 3 “Blue Plate Special” and then Season 22, Episode 10, “Driving through Charlotte”.

In 2020 we were again with Diners, Drive-ins & Dives. This third being Season 32, Episode 6 “Takeout: Funky Finds in ‘da House”.


What Guy Ate

Greg's Pickles

World Famous Greg's Pickles only @ Pinky's Westside Grill™

Triple "G" Burger (Westside)

Triple "G" Burger

Corn Dog Shrimp

Viking Corn Dog

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4.8 Stars - Based on 601 User Reviews
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  • love the waffle fries!

    Diane L. Avatar
    Diane L.

    Great food!! The Crab Puppies were insane, the hot dogs were fire and the drinks delicious!!

    Edward B. Avatar
    Edward B.

    This was a fabulous restaurant. Along with the customer service and the food and atmosphere was great. Will be returning to this place again thank you.

    Ramona B. Avatar
    Ramona B.

    Gotta try the Mexican O stout excellent lager

    Mark A. Avatar
    Mark A.

    It was good. Good choses on menu. Gr8 service.

    michael b. Avatar
    michael b.

    Fun atmosphere and good food!

    Catherine T. Avatar
    Catherine T.

    Foods a little pricey but super tasty

    Mat B. Avatar
    Mat B.

    This place was amazing. Absolutely no question that we'll be back.

    Grace C. Avatar
    Grace C.

    Charlotte Staple! Awesome beer selection and a great menu. Corn dog shrimp are pretty good!

    Joe S. Avatar
    Joe S.
  • Love this place..The food is always good. Just need better parking for To Go orders..

    Marie H. Avatar
    Marie H.

    Food was great. Staff was awesome, interesting atmosphere.

    Matt B. Avatar
    Matt B.

    Pretty good!

    Jason J. Avatar
    Jason J.

    We absolutely love this place! Awesome service, drinks, food, cleanliness, staff. Its just phenomenal. I couldn't ever say enough great things!

    Taylor C. Avatar
    Taylor C.

    Ae enjoyed our eating experience.

    william g. Avatar
    william g.

    Good burgers and ener

    M. K. Avatar
    M. K.

    If you *need* a tasty burger, this is the place to be!

    amy p. Avatar
    amy p.

    Great food, great drinks and great service!

    Janee W. Avatar
    Janee W.

    The food was GREAT! The parking situation is difficult but it's worth the struggle.

    Elizabeth R. Avatar
    Elizabeth R.
  • Beautiful crowd of people in a beautiful town. I suggest getting everything done westside style!

    James B. Avatar
    James B.

    Good food

    Rachael P. Avatar
    Rachael P.

    Maria Margaritas 😍

    Michael W. Avatar
    Michael W.

    Love the atmosphere here good people.

    Kareem M. Avatar
    Kareem M.

    positive review Food was great ! Service was completely slow! Over 40 minutes to get our food

    Melissa L. Avatar
    Melissa L.

    positive review Great service & food always.

    Melody K. Avatar
    Melody K.

    Really good place to eat. Hippy type place with good music!.

    Cain B. Avatar
    Cain B.

    Delicious! Must try them when you visit Charlotte.

    Tammy S. Avatar
    Tammy S.

    Great burgers!!

    Dixie S. Avatar
    Dixie S.
  • Very tasty food, great service and fun atmosphere. 1st time here and everything was exceptional!

    Jacqueline W. Avatar
    Jacqueline W.

    Food was good only downside is its small but great food good service

    Wydblexy ?. Avatar
    Wydblexy ?.

    Always a great friendly staff and good fresh food ❤

    Kim M. Avatar
    Kim M.

    Best best best burgers in town! Best food, best atmosphere. Fantastic owners!!!

    Jennifer S. Avatar
    Jennifer S.

    Good experience, waiters are kind of confusing though. Food selection is limited and pretty unhealthy.

    Dara K. Avatar
    Dara K.

    positive review Everything we had was great but the fried pickles are amazing! Service is wonderful!

    Morgan J. Avatar
    Morgan J.

    Food is amazing. Wings are delicious. Great atmosphere. Service top notch

    Anna S. Avatar
    Anna S.

    Always great good and always amazing service!! I love coming here

    Monique L. Avatar
    Monique L.

    This place was awesome. The food was hot and fresh. The service was amazing. The wait staff was very attentive and nice. Will be back.

    Jeanetta A. Avatar
    Jeanetta A.
  • 4 star ratingPinky's is the truth! They have delicious food, variety, and a friendly staff. The menu has a variety of delicious options to choose far and they all are good!

    Star J. Avatar
    Star J.

    positive review awesome and great customer service!!!

    Dominic P. Avatar
    Dominic P.

    5 star ratingI always enjoy coming here. The food is great no matter what you get. The staff was enforcing covid guidelines themselves and with other patrons.

    Dakota W. Avatar
    Dakota W.

    positive review One of our favorites when coming to town. Super tasty, affordable, and unpretentious. Staff makes sure everyone is welcome and happy.

    Scott P. Avatar
    Scott P.

    Tried this location for the first time. Was awesome just like the original

    Lynn S. Avatar
    Lynn S.

    4 star ratingThe food is ok guess depending on who cooking drinks are like a cheap night club drink from when I was 20 and I'm 34 now lol but great people.

    Akeetha G. Avatar
    Akeetha G.

    5 star ratingLove love love! This place is excepting of all backgrounds and walks of life and have some bomb ass food.

    Luis P. Avatar
    Luis P.

    positive review great the four walls.... ice tea on point.🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Mark C. Avatar
    Mark C.

    4 star ratingI've only been twice and get a few different things off of the menu. I haven't been disappointed yet and the staff is always friendly.

    Ashley P. Avatar
    Ashley P.
  • 5 star ratingAmazing food! Great service! The white trash burger and crab puppies are amazing

    Sam B. Avatar
    Sam B.

    5 star ratingYo, hands down the best appetizer I ever had. Great staff, and a chill atmosphere. Will definitely go back. Not a bad price for 2 meal, appetizer, and a beer.

    Chris R. Avatar
    Chris R.

    positive review Very good food and excellent staff recommend this place to anyone that wants the awesome Burger experience

    Jay R. Avatar
    Jay R.

    positive review love this place. very good and the service is great too.

    Chip T. Avatar
    Chip T.

    positive review Everything is so good and the staff is great

    Chris W. Avatar
    Chris W.

    4 star ratingWhite Trash Burger and waffle fries are great! You can skip the crab puppies....very greasy and the crab isn't amazing. Fun, casual environment.

    Rebecca W. Avatar
    Rebecca W.

    positive review Great craft beer selection and my lunch was delicious

    Ben F. Avatar
    Ben F.

    positive review Great service and excellent food!

    Layla H. Avatar
    Layla H.

    positive review Great food, great service.

    Victorious S. Avatar
    Victorious S.
  • 5 star ratingPinky's is the best! Yummy and super affordable! Vegetarian friendly. Gluten free friendly! Staff is always friendly and helpful.

    Jill R. Avatar
    Jill R.

    positive review Dope Experience really enjoyed the food wish I could be eating there right now enjoy your food it will be good

    Jah C. Avatar
    Jah C.

    positive review Awesome meal! My new fav!

    Justin M. Avatar
    Justin M.

    positive review Love the Kicken Chicken tacos, banana pudding and most other items here, good service!!

    Don S. Avatar
    Don S.

    positive review This was our first experience at Pinky’s Westside Grill. My daughter and I loved the corn dog shrimp and deep fried pickles! We recommend this place to everyone.

    Carol L. Avatar
    Carol L.

    positive review MAN,that salad with the fried chicken is GREAT,and here I thought I wanted a burger today

    Nate W. Avatar
    Nate W.

    positive review I LOVE IT AND THE FOOD IS ALWAYS GOOD‼️

    Lamar L. Avatar
    Lamar L.

    positive review Very good food very good service

    Toni S. Avatar
    Toni S.

    positive review great food and awesome atmosphere

    Elizabeth P. Avatar
    Elizabeth P.
  • positive review Great food! Great service!

    Orronda S. Avatar
    Orronda S.

    positive review Great atmosphere!! The food was great.

    Melissa R. Avatar
    Melissa R.

    5 star ratingI'm very happy that Pinky's has one of the best burgers I have ever had. The workers are nice. The food came out quick and it was warm and good.

    Tilden Z. Avatar
    Tilden Z.

    5 star ratingFood was delicious! Took less then 10 minutes to have all food ready! Recommend White Trash burger! Will definitely be back to visit.

    Tichina L. Avatar
    Tichina L.

    5 star ratingThe crab hush puppies were soo good. For my entree I got the white trash burger & it was full of flavor!

    Morgan C. Avatar
    Morgan C.

    positive review really good food. nothing on the menu is bad. fried pickles best ever

    Candice M. Avatar
    Candice M.

    5 star ratingAbsolutely satisfying wow!!! This place is much more than a restaurant.. great family atmosphere with a friendly staff

    Madelynn M. Avatar
    Madelynn M.

    5 star ratingGreat...EVERYTHING!! This place was AWESOME! Food was great, service was great, atmosphere great! This place is upbeat. The food came out quickly! The crab puppies are to die for!

    terid437 Avatar

    5 star ratingLove this place! Good service and excellent food! I love their popcorn chicken with buffalo sauce. Sauce is made in house and is excellent!

    Jamie J. Avatar
    Jamie J.
  • positive review Great service, AMAZING food!!!

    Kristina K. Avatar
    Kristina K.

    positive review patio... food... service (masked)... excellent

    Jerry M. Avatar
    Jerry M.

    positive review Great food and service as always!

    Jeff O. Avatar
    Jeff O.

    5 star ratingI love this place! I feel at home here. Staff is like family, especially Jamie! The best bartender in the world!

    Angela Y. Avatar
    Angela Y.

    positive review Fun atmosphere and great staff!

    Jennifer T. Avatar
    Jennifer T.

    positive review Great stuff but would like to mix n match Tacos, even for a higher price.

    Frederick W. Avatar
    Frederick W.

    5 star ratingLove the falafel salad and vegetarian corn dog. Lots of options for vegetarians! Must get the banana pudding or you're doing it wrong! 🙂

    Cilla V. Avatar
    Cilla V.

    positive review Good food. Not long wait for food. Very reasonably priced. Very nice wait staff. Never felt missed.

    Tammy J. Avatar
    Tammy J.

    positive review Great wait staff! Great food!

    Russell W. Avatar
    Russell W.
  • 5 star ratingGreat food, fun atmosphere. Defiantly a one of a kind place

    Derek S. Avatar
    Derek S.

    positive review Atmosphere and food are great. Don’t forget to order the Crab Puppies!!

    John C. Avatar
    John C.

    positive review Amazing food and service!!

    Melisa P. Avatar
    Melisa P.

    positive review First time here and the food was great!!

    Amy S. Avatar
    Amy S.

    positive review Great food! Pinky’s has it

    Patrick C. Avatar
    Patrick C.

    5 star ratingGreat burgers Fun lunch with my daughter. Everyone on the wait staff is very efficient and friendly. Our food arrived quickly and was excellent. Very clean. Outdoor seating was very nice.

    Kathybre1 Avatar

    positive review Love the eclectic decorations and menu!

    Vincent L. Avatar
    Vincent L.

    4 star ratingGood burgers! We enjoyed the fried pickles appetizer, pterodactyl burger & white trash burger. Service was fast & friendly.

    juliesB1260ZS Avatar

    5 star ratingOnly leaving a comment for the excellent service from Hailey. She is on point. We usually sit at the bar and service there is always great but Hailey was exceptional!

    Von G. Avatar
    Von G.